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Able and equipped to handle various motorsports racing from high end vehicles to your daily driver car.


Our customers, various racing associations and facilities, hire our personnel and equipment to handle any type of emergency that may arise on or off track such as:


  • Vehicle and fuel fires

  • Vehicle extrication

  • Emergency medical services

  • Spectator emergencies



Specialized fire and EMS services are needed at a wide range of special events, such as:


  • Fireworks displays

  • Concerts

  • Other public gatherings of various size


Rather than taking a municipal fire engine and crew out of service to stand-by at the events, utilization of our personnel and equipment allows these resources to continue their day-to-day operations.


From providing an authentic look on the screen to technical assistance and safety behind the scenes, our personnel and equipment are able to provide the look or service for major motion pictures to lower budget films.



  • 4 Rescue trucks fully equipped with 250gal water tanks, auto extrication tools, and medical equipment


  • 1 Medical rescue truck


  • 1 Medical cart


  • 1 Water tender engine


  • 2 Type 1 fire engines


  • 1 Roll back tow truck


  • 1 Lift tow truck


  • 1 Vintage Mack fire engine


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